Can Blogging Make You Money? The Following are Sources of Income from Blogging

bloggers who make money, is that true? Then, how to get a lot of money just by creating a blog. I will discuss everything in detail in this article. 

Can Bloggers Make Money?

You can make money from a blog, but you have to go through the stages that must be done before you can fully make money. First, you have to determine a theme that matches your passion. After that, do keyword research using the tools that are already available. Then start to write articles every day.

Where is the source of income for a blogger?

Before discussing blogger income, you must focus on getting as much blog traffic as possible. Because if the blog that you build does not have traffic, then the opportunity to earn money will be in vain. But if you already have a lot of visitor traffic, you can easily make money.

How to Make Money With Blog Monetization

If you have a lot of traffic to your blog, do monetization or place ads on your blog using Google Adsense, MGID, Adstera, and others. But for myself, I currently only use Google Adsense, because that's the only one that is easy to use and has the most users. After the ad is installed, you will get money from every ad clicked by blog visitors. The cost per click varies from country to country, besides that there is also an influence from the blog niche.

How to Make Money With Affiliate Blog Affiliate

Is a way of placing advertisements directly from business people, so you will get a commission from every action that uses your referral link. For example, an affiliate of a game application, you can promote it by using a referral link that has been created, after someone downloads it using your link. Then you will immediately get a commission.

How to Make Money With Paid Guest Posts

Paid guest posts are posts made on blogs or websites with the aim of getting referrals in the form of links from those blogs. These links are called external links, their function is to increase Domain Authority, and other SEO needs.

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