The Latest Template for Responsive and SEO Friendly Bloggers

As a blogger, templates are very influential to improve the quality of the website. SEO friendly blogger templates, Responsive Blogger Templates, are needed to increase rankings on search engines so that they can rank one on google search.

When I started a blog, I was confused about getting a suitable template, because at that time I was looking for a free responsive blogger template. Because it is free, there are many shortcomings. So it is not recommended to use a Blogger Template for Free. Because Blogger Template Responsive Free do not necessarily guarantee.

Finally, I found a really Responsive and SEO friendly Blogger Template from namely Viomagz. after using the viomagz template the performance of my blog increased rapidly. And many articles are page one.

19 keywords rank in position 1 - 2 on February 2021.

Following are the features and Strengths of the viomagz template

  • 100% responsive
  • 100% Responsive on all screen sizes
  • SEO Ready
  • No need to bother messing about with the template code so that I have optimized SEO
  • Fast Loading
  • Fast Loading without sacrificing design
  • Ads Optimized
  • There is an automatic ad slot feature in the middle of the article and below the article to help increase ad CTR
  • Support Blogger Theme Designer Feature
  • If you don't like the default color of this template, you can change it as you wish via the Blogger Theme Designer menu
  • Using Schema Markup
  • Schema Markup to help search engines understand your blog
  • Breadcrumb Navigation
  • Auto Readmore
  • Pop-up Search Form
  • Sticky Widget
  • Widget Related Posts
  • Cool Responsive Share Button
  • Numbered Page Navigation
  • Back to Top Button
  • Custom Error page
  • No Credit Link
  • Others will follow in the latest version.

Use a premium blogger template because it will get updates every time. Now I have got the latest version when this article was written, namely viomagz version 4.5.0 which I updated on March 1, 2021.

Just additional information.

In the latest version of the VioMagz template, there are two choices of template files that can be downloaded, namely minified version files and those that are not minimized.

What's the difference?

The minified version = the CSS code in the template has been compressed so that the template file size is smaller and makes the blog load a little faster.

The drawback of this version is that the CSS code in the template will be more difficult to modify.

Unmimified version = CSS code in template is not compressed so it is easier to modify the CSS code.

The drawback of this version is that the template file size is larger and makes loading the blog a little slower.

Details of changes in version 4.5.0 Viomagz:

  • JavaScript Optimization
  • No lazy load header logo
  • Add loading effects to lazyload images
  • Add unminified version of template file availability (CSS code is not minimized)
  • Improvements to youtube thumbnail images on related posts are not aligned in the middle
  • Fixed error comment form
  • And several other improvements

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