How to Earn Money With Blog Contest

Blog contest is a competition held for blog writers. This event is usually held every month or every week. Anyone can join and the participants of this blog contest are unlimited. So that all participants can get the same opportunity to win prizes up to thousands of dollars.

How Much Can Bloggers Make?

The total prizes from this competition can reach thousands of dollars, but are divided into several categories of winners, such as first to third place winners, to those who are ranked in the top 50. So the expectation of winning the prize is very high.

What are the Benefits of a Blog Contest Organizer?

The blog writing competition not only benefits the author, but the organizers can get greater benefits from the results of the bloggers' writings. Because event organizers can make profitable rules, for example, having to follow social media accounts, add backlinks in blog articles, and review company websites.

When compared to buying backlinks by doing guest posts, holding a blog writing contest can be more profitable because the number of authors can exceed the target and is not limited.

Who Can Organize Blog Contest Events?

Companies and business people who use websites or social media can do it, even individuals or personal bloggers can too, if they have enough money. The goal is to get product or business reviews from blog writers who take part in the competition.

How Many Blog Posts Before Launch?

There is no limit or minimum number of articles that must be written. However, the requirements for participating in the blog contest usually provide requirements, namely having at least 10 articles before the competition, using a TLD domain, and a blog age of at least 6 months. So, you have to prepare everything from now.


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