Blog Optimization With Google Search Console

To follow the tips that I will give you, you have to do a google search console login first. In addition you also have to have a blog or website before. Google Search Console is my choice when optimizing a blog by collecting relevant keywords that can be used as optimization material.

Why don't I use other tools? The reason is that Google Search Console can be used for free or without a monthly subscription fee. In addition, the data generated is very valid because this free tool is made by Google.

If you create a blog using the blogger platform, please open the settings menu, then scroll down until you find the google search console menu, the next step is to connect the domain you have by re-entering the domain name and several registration forms that you must fill out. If you have successfully registered, please wait a few days to see traffic reports based on keywords on your blog. 

The picture above is a graph or blog performance that I managed in the last 12 months. The results are pretty good because they are always improving. How to read which keywords are sought after by readers, please scroll down and you will see hundreds or thousands of potential keywords related to the article you wrote.

How to Analyze Google Search Console?

With the google search console you can see a lot of potential keywords in the queries section. The details are Top queries, Clicks, and Impressions.

  • Top queries, is a list of keywords that come from your blog or website. Usually consists of several words.

  • Clicks, is the total clicks from blog visitors who come from organic searches, namely the Google search engine.

  • Impressions, is the total of all views based on a search on google, which succeeded in getting clicks or not.

How To Do Blog Optimization With Google Search Console?

After you know some keywords that have succeeded in becoming top queries, the next step is to export data using Microsoft Excel or Google spreadsheet formats. After that filter which keywords you want to optimize.

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