How to Make Money by Being a Part Time Blogger

Having a blog that contains useful content is a long term investment. Especially if the blog you create has a large number of visitors every day, you can collaborate with brands who want to advertise on the blog you already have.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Part Time Blogger?

You can write a blog every day while doing your daily work, because writing an article doesn't take long. I myself to produce a blog article with an average of 500 words, I can finish it in just a matter of minutes.

Of course this is very promising if you are serious about writing a blog. Among other side jobs, blogging is one activity that can be useful and help many people. In addition you can make a lot of money if you already have a lot of visitors and monetize ads.

How Much Does Hosting and Domain Rental Cost?

Maybe there are still many who think that writing a blog must have a large enough capital. Even though you can create a blog for free without having to rent a hosting and buy a good domain name.

You can follow the method I did when I created a blog some time ago. That is by writing articles using the blogger or blogspot platform that does not need to buy a domain and pay hosting rental fees. But if you want to have a good domain name, feel free to buy a new domain which costs around $10 for the .com extension

How To Increase Website Traffic

To get website visitors, you have to write articles that are useful for many people. Because useful articles are often searched on search engines like Google. In addition you also have to use a good template, and learn to write SEO friendly articles.

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