How to Reduce Invalid Traffic for Blogger

Invalid traffic is an invalid traffic flow caused by several things. For a blogger who always does maintenance, it will definitely not be separated from unintentional mistakes. Because the main task as a blogger is to write and update articles every day. After writing the article, we will definitely check the article that was just created. So it can cause invalid traffic. 

Causes of Invalid Traffic

The cause of invalid traffic is visitors who come repeatedly in the same time. Blog writers are very at risk of invalid traffic, that's why we have to take precautions to prevent invalid traffic.

How to Overcome Invalid Traffic

Reduce visiting your own blog for prevention, but if you want to check, try the see blog option which is on the blogger / blogspot menu at the very bottom. Then google will understand that we will only check it.

However, if you do maintenance too often, I suggest following the steps recommended by Google below.

  • Go to the blogger / blogspot menu.
  • Select the statistics menu.
  • Scroll down and click on “Manage your own pageview tracking”.
  • Then a question like this will appear.

You can ask Blogger not to include your own pageviews in statistics. For that, Blogger must add a blocking cookie to the browser. If you use more than one, open each browser and set these preferences.”

  • Click or tick the “Don't track my impressions for this blog” section.

After you check, the traffic that comes from yourself will not be counted by Google. Okay, I think that's enough for the discussion of invalid traffic this time, hopefully all of us as bloggers will avoid invalid traffic so that we can keep our spirits up in writing articles and sharing experiences through blogs.

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