How to Create a Google Analytics Blogger

Blog analytics is a way for a blogger to do analysis before doing research in article writing and audience targeting. There are several summaries that you can learn in conducting the analysis. If you write a blog using the blogspot platform, then you must connect the blog with Google Analytics so that you can get a free blog analysis report. The following are some services that can be utilized with google analytics.

  • Can see a summary report of visitor reports in realtime.
  • Can get a detailed and real-time demographic summary.
  • Can get engagement, event and conversion reports.
  • Can see the monetization summary.
  • Can see a summary of audience interests.

By utilizing the blogger analytics tools made by Google, you can get accurate and real-time data and the next step is to do research to meet the needs of the audience, and target visitors from the blog that you have created.

Is Blogger Good for SEO?

Based on the experience that I have experienced, blogger or blogspot is very good for SEO. However, everything requires a process and hard work, one of which is regularly writing articles and being consistent with a theme that matches your passion. In just a few months, you will feel the results. There will be many articles that occupy page one in search engines, as long as the articles you create are original and unique content.

Connecting Blogger Accounts with Google News

Google news can not only be used by news websites, bloggers can also connect their blogs with Google News, I myself also have a google news account which I use to write blogs so that articles are indexed faster by Google. In fact, it only takes a few minutes, the article will appear in search engines.

The best analytics blogs today is Google Analytics, because it can provide real-time and complete reports. So that bloggers can get a summary of data and visitor interests directly.

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