Can Blog Make Money? This is My Blogspot Website Examples

I am one of the many people who can make money by becoming a blogspot blogger. Why do I recommend blogspot to start a blog? I will explain everything in this article. There are so many advantages and advantages that you can get by becoming a blogspot blogger. is my blogspot website examples. Until now it has been visited by hundreds of visitors from all over the world.

How To Determine Blogspot Ideas?

You can determine Blogspot Ideas by doing research, so you can get opportunities that you can write in the form of articles. But it would be great if Blogspot Ideas match your passion. So that in writing articles will be more comfortable and enjoy. 

What are the Advantages of Blogspot Websites?

The advantage is, you can use it for free without having to buy hosting. Because the hosting of the blogspot site comes from google. You can immediately get a blogspot subdomain and can immediately write as many articles as possible. But if you want to be more professional, I recommend buying a cheap TLD domain for a year or more.

The advantage of buying a TLD domain that costs only about $ 10 can make your blog more professional and can attract the attention of clients who want to invest or advertise on your blog.

Examples of Blogspot Ideas That Can Make Money

Here are some ideas for creating blogspot websites with easy competition levels and can make money for you.

Blogspot Music

Blogspot music is one example of an idea or theme that you can use to write a blog. For example, by making song lyrics that are equipped with guitar chords and singer's background. You can easily write articles with this theme, the reason being that there are many musicians or singers around the world who can be used as a reference source.

Blogger Photos

Blogspot photos is a blog that contains a collection of photos from the camera itself, rather than just being stored in memory, it would be better if uploaded to a blog to be used as content. But you have to add an explanation in the form of articles so that the posts you make have a good SEO score and can be easily found in search engines.

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