How to Create Color to HTML Code Using Adobe Photoshop

This time I will discuss color to html code, because there are still many people who do not understand what color codes to create a website with coding. although it's very easy. Besides being able to be used for background color for html, it can also be used for color html code text, using the same code. For website developers, html color codes should always be kept in mind when creating a new project.

We are currently entering the digital world, all information can be easily found on the internet. That's what makes website creation services increasingly needed around the world.

Here are some color to html code that you can use to create a website.

Html color code for red#fa0202
Html color code for blue#02faf1
Html color code for green#08fa02
Html color code for black#000100
Html color code for white#fafdfa
Html color code for brown#924e05
Html color code for yellow#fbf802
Html color code for pink#fb02db
Html color code for gold#e9b106
Html color code for orange#fb770c
Html color code for grey#cbcccc
Html color code for purple#ae06ec
Html color code for dark red#c8161a
Html color code for dark blue#0a18ce

You can also make it yourself using Adobe Photoshop and choose the color you want, because I myself often use this application for daily editing purposes, maybe you just think Adobe Photoshop can only be used to edit an image or photo. It turns out that there are other uses, namely to create html color codes.

Here is how to make html color codes using Adobe Photoshop

  • Open the adobe photoshop application.

  • Select the color picker (Foreground Color).
  • Choose the color you want.
  • Copy the html color code at the bottom as in the arrow.

That's how to make html color code easily and quickly and can be done by anyone.

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