How Clash of Clans Hack - This is a New Way of Clash of Clans Account Thieves to be Avoided

I experienced this incident some time ago, starting from opening a group on Facebook and someone was looking for Town hall 11 to 12 Clash of Clans accounts, I was finally tempted because the buyer was bidding on a Town hall 12 Clash of Clans account with $100.

Then the chat continues on the Facebook inbox, after a match and price negotiations the chat continues to the WhatsApp chat. I also got into the chat until I sent some screenshots of my Clash of Clans account which was actually very dangerous if seen by the Clash of Clans account thief. Because for me, World Health Organization is still unfamiliar with this game, I just thought that as long as I didnt provide an email and password, it would be safe.

I forgot that apart from using email, logging into a Clash of Clans account can also use a Supercell ID account. To make a long story short of the chat at that time with my situation being blinded by the lure of money, I just complied with the request of the Clash of Clans account thief. Initially he asked me to use another account or create a new account of at least Town hall2 as collateral because the money would be transferred first before I gave a Town hall 12 Clash of Clans account.

I also gave my other account, which at that time was still Town hall 8 as collateral, the way I provided the verification code that came in via email, after a few minutes I felt something was strange because the money had not yet entered, and I tried checking the Town hall 8 Clash of Clans account which turned out to be still safe, but after I wanted to move to the main account that was already Town hall 12 I couldnt log in again, I tried to log in using the new verification code and it turned out I couldnt log in either. After I checked the account the name was empty or anonymous and the account thief took it out of the clan.

With a tutorials from a YouTube video to restore the hacked account, I did the following steps:

  • Click the settings button in the lower right corner.
  • Select help and support.
  • Accounts, Account Problems.
  • Select recover account.
  • Then immediately select my lost account.
  • Select Contact Us.
  • After that will be asked some questions for recovery.
    • Hello, Im O. T. T. O from Builder Base! I can help recover your account without human assistance. I cant understand everything you typed, so please just reply with what I asked. Question 1: What is the player hashtag of the lost account? Example:# ABCD1234. Player hashtags can be copied from the profile. Profiles can also be accessed from the Clans view.
    • Good! Question 2: What is the name of the lost village?
    • What a cool name! Question 3: What level is the Town Hall of the village missing?

I answered the question above in full using the username, the old clan name. But apparently it cant, maybe the flying hours of this account thief are already high. I just remembered that my account username was left blank and also left the clan. So I get answers from supercell like this.

thank you for the information Unfortunately, the account cannot be recovered with the information provided. Here are some troubleshooting panduan that might help you right away.

" If your account is connected to Supercell ID:

Look for a message that says Supercell ID in all email accounts. After finding the email address used to register, you can log into your clash of clans account with that email.

If your account is connected to Google Play:

Go to in- game settings and connect Google account. An option for loading progress will be displayed."

I also tried to answer by filling in the username nomor, without a name but still couldnt.

If someone experiences the same thing, take care of your Clash of Clans account and never do stupid things like giving emails and even verification codes to other people, and if buying and selling try to use rekber or tell the buyer to pay first. If anyone can help restore a Clash of Clans account or have other ways to restore a hacked Clash of Clans account, please comment below, friend.

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