Google Maps SEO Optimization - How to Get First Rank on Google Maps

Google My Business is a feature from Google that was created and can be used for free for both offline and online business people. The Google My Business profile can be easily accessed by customers, whether it's searching on the Google search engine or searching on Google Maps. Not just making it like that, but you have to optimize Google My Business to make it easier to find, because now there are lots of similar business owners in big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and other cities in Indonesia as the center of the economy. people.

For example, when you are looking for photo services for graduation photos, pre-wedding photos, etc. Surely the first thing to do is to search on the google search engine, and at that time several references to the nearest photo studio will appear complete with coordinates on google maps, from the keyword photo services as in the image above, 150,000,000 results have been found. there are on google, how many competitors are offering similar services today.

Just imagine if your business appears on the first rank during the search, your profile will appear complete with the phone number that has been installed, address, operating hours, website address, directions, as well as reviews from several customers who commented and gave star ratings. Surely you will immediately be flooded with new customers if the business position is in the first position.

What should I do to get my Google My Business Profile in the first position?

There are many things that must be done, because the first position was obtained when getting the trust of Google itself as the parent of Google My Business, but I have a very easy way and everyone can definitely do that, especially for beginners who are learning to optimize Google My Business.

How to Optimize Google My Business?

To get the first rank of Google My Business on search, you have to get good ratings or positive reviews from many customers with different accounts, but it takes a long process if you just wait or ask customers to review directly when visiting your place of business. offline, or if the customer is an ignorant person, you will definitely have difficulty getting a positive review and 5 stars.

Google My Business Optimization Services

Google map seo services are the right and fast way that you can do, but you have to spend capital for it. But the name of the business will always require capital and profits can be obtained later, especially with this SEO optimization you will enjoy it in the long term. is the first marketplace in Indonesia that brings together business actors who own Google My Business accounts with customers who are ready to provide positive reviews so that business reputation on the Internet will increase. The price is also very affordable, especially for business actors who have enough capital because they only need to spend IDR 3,000 to buy a review to give a 5-star rating and positive comments.

You don't need to worry because the commentator registration process at Rajakomen also goes through a fairly strict selection, let alone robots, even fake accounts will not be accepted as commentators. Until the comment process also has rules such as positive comments of at least 10 words, until the approved process is carried out by the admin manually. So it will be very safe and guaranteed quality. 

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