Free Bakclink Checker Tool for Website

In this post I will explain how to check backlinks from a website, using a free backlink checker tool. This tool can of course be used in various countries around the world.

For those of you who work as an SEO specialist in a company or manage a personal blog or website, this tool may be very useful and much needed.

What can be done so that website posts rank first in search engines?

Usually we have to optimize SEO Off Page, and SEO On Page. And one of the important points of Off Page SEO is to do research or analysis of backlinks from competitor websites. After that we have to do the same thing, namely by buying backlinks that are stronger than the backlinks owned by competitors.

While on-page SEO optimization is easier, namely by writing original articles, using attractive images, making articles that are easy to read, and before writing you have to do keyword research to find good keywords.

What is the Name of a Free Backlink Checker Site?

The backlink checking tool or site is and you can use it for free, here I have tried it by checking the large marketplace site, alibaba, and you can see the results as shown in the image below.

Top 5 Backlink Sources from


In addition to backlink sources, we can also see the domain authority, page authority, to the spam score of the website that we are analyzing.

In building a website, especially if you use a new or fresh domain, you usually don't have a single backlink or external link pointing to that domain. Therefore you should try this backlink checking tool to find out the quality of backlinks from your website or blog.

If you want to get free backlinks, you can do a free guest post on this site, by creating an original article and sending it to the contact I put in the footer.

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