5 Guest Posts Tips For Beginner Bloggers

The benefit of Guest Posts on Blogs is to increase domain authority and increase blog traffic. This technique is widely used by bloggers around the world, because to get page one on the google search engine we need consistency and references from other websites. References from other websites are called guest posts. There are two types of guest posts, namely free guest posts and paid guest posts.

How To Guest Post?

After getting a website or blog to your liking, the next step is to contact the owner of the blog. Then you have to negotiate to get the best price at the time of guest posting.

Then prepare articles that are relevant or in accordance with the theme of the blog you have and of course must contain keywords that already have links that point to your blog. If you don't have time to write articles, you can ask other people to write articles, but the money you spend will increase.

Where To Guest Post?

You can do guest posts on other people's blogs or websites, for example on the bangpuzut.com blog at a very cheap price, $ 5 if the article is from you, and $ 10 if the article comes from me.

In this article I will share some tips so that you get the best results when doing guest posts. 

1. Choose a Website With High Domain Authority

Domain authority is an assessment or trust from search engines on a website, from the lowest score of 1 and the highest score of 100.

2. Choose a Website with High Page Authority

Page authority is an indicator or assessment of the page that gets the best position in search engines. The more posts that occupy the first position in search engines, the higher the score will be. Almost the same as domain athority, the assessment of page authority is based on a score with the lowest score being 1 and the highest score being 100.

3. Choose a Website with a Small

Spam Score Spam score is an assessment of spam behavior by website or blog makers, if you often plagiarize or plagiarize other people's content, the spam score will be higher. The best spam score is 1% and the worst spam score is 100%.

4. Choose a Website With a Good Alexa Rank

Alexa rank is a website analysis tool created by amazon that serves to rank all websites around the world. The smaller you have, the better.

5. Choose a Website That Has Lots of Traffic

Besides being able to make your blog's performance better, external links that come from websites that have a lot of traffic will bring traffic to your site as well.

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