Tips to Earn Money with Youtube Channel


Hello everyone, this is an article that contains how to become a youtuber from scratch. You can also directly subscribe to my Puzut Channel.

Maybe many of you are still struggling with how to monetize your YouTube channel with Google Adsense. I myself have been playing Youtube since 2012 and until now have several Youtube channels.

What Tools Should Be Prepared To Be A Beginner Youtuber?

It's actually simple, you just need to use a cellphone that you normally use every day. Because the content that must be created is video. And you also have to prepare several applications that must be downloaded from the Playstore.
  • Youtube Dashboard Studio to view Channel developments and statistics.
  • Video Editing Apps like kinemaster, etc.
  • The Tumbnail Editor application that you can find on the Playstore too.
Maybe many of you are asking if there are successful beginner YouTubers. There are so many, novice youtubers that I mean here are those who started building a youtube channel from scratch. If it's an artist with a high popularity, it's not too hard to catch up on showtimes and subscribers. But for ordinary people who do not yet have popularity, they will experience many obstacles and many will break up in the middle of the road if only on a whim or half-heartedly.

In this blog, you will also get a lot of knowledge ranging from ways to add secure subscribers, increase youtube views, make good intros, and much more. Youtuber beginners 2021 seems to be increasing rapidly because now many youtube influencers with fantastic incomes are starting to appear.

That's the reason why YouTube issued a new rule, namely the requirement to meet 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 subscribers first before registering with Google Adsense. When I first created a youtube channel, there was no such rule, we can easily register on google adsense and get the first salary.

Community guidelines, Copyright has now also been tightened with various new rules that make it difficult for us as novice youtubers to develop. Therefore, I want to share here by creating a special YouTube tutorial blog which I hope will be useful.

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