How to Make Money by Creating a Blog 2022

Have you ever heard that people can make money just by creating websites. There are many ways to create a website, you can use WordPress, there is also a blogger blog spot made by google. You can write useful posts for many people to fill in blog content, after you meet the requirements, you can register your blog with Google AdSense. Tips for blogging accepted by google AdSense. Follow these requirements.

  • make at least 10 posts and all of them are indexed on google 
  • use original writing without plagiarizing other people's articles 
  • buy a domain TLD after that you can immediately register with google AdSense for review. 
  • It only took less than two weeks to see the results whether our blog was approved or not. During the review, focus on writing articles every day. 

I already have a blog that has been monetized by google AdSense, namely you can check. 

How do you make money from google AdSense? 

We will make money from google AdSense from clicks on ads or CPC. Each ad click costs differently based on the blog niche. You also have to research keywords before writing articles, so that, the content created can get ranked first on the Google search engine. After getting page one, the chances of being read are even higher. 

Can templates affect page one? 

Of course, it has an effect, you must use a template that is SEO friendly and fast loading speed , so that the SEO score is getting better. I have applied all the tips on the blog , and there are dozens of posts that are already page one from organic search. Keep writing content, and don , 't focus too much on money. Because if the posts are interesting , and useful, money will be easy to get. Create an interesting niche, such as food bloggers, fashion bloggers, gaming bloggers, and many more depending on what your skills are in what field. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Can you put me through the same path?