How to Increase Youtube Views Safely But Fast For Beginner Youtubers


Okay guys, so on this occasion I want to discuss the latest way to increase views quickly, you can see for yourself the image above, the graph has increased significantly, yes. So recently YouTube released a new feature, namely Youtube Shorts for more details, complete with ways to make short videos or YouTube short videos. You can read about it on my other blog below.
So, not many people know about this youtube video short or play it here. The problem is that the upload method and the type of video are different, so not many people know yet, guys. It's a great opportunity for those of you who are chasing showtimes. Because there is still little competition.

Can Shorts Video catch up with showtimes?

You can, but what comes from shorts is not counted. With views going up, other sources will surely follow. Like youtube search or organic search and other similar video recommendations. So that's what will be calculated later.

The more views, the more subscribers it will follow. So it is highly recommended for novice youtubers who are pursuing the requirements to register on google adsense.

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