what is a vector image?

What is Vector Image?

Vector images are illustration images created using applications such as Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw and others.

On this website I provide a lot of stock vector images that you can download for free. With a coloring page theme for children.

There are many vector image recommendations that I will make in my spare time, you can also request a comment on each of these blog posts, and I will respond to them.

I can also make a vector illustration of your face into an animation that resembles it, but for this I will not give it free, but at a cost of $ 20 and $ 30 for wpap as shown below.

Or you can order using fiverr by clicking the following link.

Payment via paypal. I will make the vector face as good as possible and give one revision if you don't fit well.

After you are ready with the best photos to be vectorized, please send them to email pututpa@gmail.com or you can see the contact us page on this website.

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