How To Create Image Gallery for Blogger

Hello guys, are you an image blogger?

Image bloggers are blogs whose content is predominantly image, such as.

  • blogger wallpaper
  • photography blogger
  • product review blogger

Now I will share tips on how to make these images indexable on Google and accessible to many people.

Where do I get a safe image gallery for blogger?

If you are a photography blogger or image curator, definitely create your own images to post on your blog. But if you don't have that expertise, you can download images on paid sites like Shutterstock and display the source when posting on a blog.

How do you get images on Blogger to appear on Google?

The method is quite easy, you have to put the title on the image on the blog, how to right click on the image, and copy and paste the title of the article in the image. That will help the image to be quickly indexed by google and appear on searches.

What is the Image Size for a Blog to be SEO Friendly?

You can use an image size of 700 x 360 pixels or 600 x 400 pixels in the JPEG or PNG format. You can also use other sizes according to your template.

How do I check whether an image has been indexed on Google or not?

To do this, type in the google search engine "site: yourblog" for example "site:" then press enter and the number of images or articles that have been indexed will appear.

How To Create Image Gallery for Blogger

Previously I have implemented this method on my only blog, namely, there are already many articles and images indexed on Google. In fact, many of my articles occupy page one of the google search engine. Hopefully this helps you in terms of indexing the images for the blog. thank you

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